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What Is Alzheimer’s Like?

I’ll warn you ahead of time, this blog has nothing to do with business – but for me, business, life, and What Is Alzheimer's Like?spare time all mesh. I think a lot of my followers have been touched by Alzheimer’s and wonder what it’s like. I asked my Mom this very question two years ago and here’s what she said: “There’s something I want to say, it’s on the tip of my tongue, but my tongue just won’t work.”

My mother told me that 4 months before entering her new living space designed specifically for Alzheimer’s patients, some would call it a nursing home. I refuse to call my Mother’s apartment a nursing home because when I was a kid we used to joke about her going to one. She would jokingly tell me, “When I’m old and drooling just make sure I still look good.” To me, if I admit she’s in a nursing home I’m also fulfilling a prophecy.

Truth be told, I don’t think I can tell you what having Alzheimer’s is like. I don’t have it – not that I know of, at least. What I can tell you is that 4 months before Elizabeth Pride, my Mom, then 68, moved into her new apartment we talked about it. 

We shared about what the disease felt like as I was driving her down a wavy road in Windham, Maine known as William Knight Road. It’s one of those wavy roads that your parents tell you not to speed on – but it’s the first road you see how fast your car can go with the help of the massive hills.

Mom and I had just done some “garage sailing” and my Mom, always thinking of other people, bought my Dad a book. I remember that I had to count the cash for her because I could sense she was very nervous about having to figure out how many bills to handover to the woman who was probably 15 years older than her. In fact, I can remember thinking, “This is stupid, my Mom is so much younger than this old lady – yet this lady seems perfectly healthy and my Mom isn’t. It’s just not fair.”

I was right. It’s not fair.

When we pulled away from the location where the sale was happening my Mother told me that the disease is, “Sad and unfair – the one thing in this whole world she prayed she would never get.” Right after confessing this to me my Mother looked out the passenger window and spotted some beautiful yellow flowers. She quipped, “I love those.” Without thinking I responded, “You want them?” She said that she did and I pulled over.

The one challenge of these budding flowers was that they lie in the flower bed of a home that was located on the side of the road. These flowers were not wildflowers – in fact, they were planted there on purpose by some faithful gardener. That didn’t stop me.

I got back in the car and handed my Mother the yellow flowers and she held them close to her face and breathed in. We laughed that I had stolen them from the yard and just like that she said, “I’m sorry, who are you again? Where are we going?”

I reminded my Mom that I was her youngest son and we had just spent the day garage sailing, picking flowers, and laughing. I told her it was a great day. She replied, “Of course we did. I remember you. Sometimes I just get confused.”

So, what is Alzheimer’s like? It’s a like a gargantuan mirror to life reminding us that something could be lurking in our future that would make us really regret not stopping the car, stealing the flowers, and laughing all the way back home. It’s not fair, it’s not prejudice, it is angering, heartbreaking, and final. 

Most of all, Alzheimer’s is a reminder that perhaps what we’re doing today doesn’t matter that much. Maybe this weekend we shouldn’t pace the yard behind the lawnmower, or catch up on past-due proposals, perhaps we should simply covet our time together creating memories that if someday are stolen from us, someone else can recant.

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What No One Will Tell You About Being An Entrepreneur

I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur my whole life. If you’ve ever seen me speak, you’ve no doubt heard my story about setbacks, comebacks, and waiting periods. Prior to starting my ownroad image company, Social Impressions, I worked for other people. I ran the gamut – mostly focused within the social media world. When I was employed by someone else there was always a panging to either make more money or find a way to have more time. Something inside me knew there was a way to have both.

When I left my job roughly 16 months ago to pursue my passion of being my own boss I was prepared for many things. I was mentally prepared for set-back, I had experienced a lot of that already in life. I was prepared for rejection – I spent years building a successful Amway business in High School and College, so I was comfy with rejection. I was even prepared for financial pressure (as prepared as I could be).

What I was not prepared for when I left the employment world was the amount of hope entrepreneurship brought to my life. I had no idea that following my passion would potentially provide taillights for someone else to follow.

Providing taillights for other people is important. The road between employment and entrepreneurship is usually fraught with fear, confusion, and an awkward first-kiss-like tension. But, every once in a while a new entrepreneur or wantrepreneur can look up and see someone else’s taillights who made the decision and for a fleeting moment that person realizes, “I can do this. It may not be right now, but I know I can do this.”

The person leading the way often times looks confident, cool, and collected – as if they’re on the road to success all by their lonesome. We never know that this person is simply following someone else’s taillights. I am certain that the many sets of taillights ahead of me never even knew the amount of inspiration and hope they provided while I was midway in the decision-making process.

No one ever told me that being an entrepreneur could bring hope to other people even though so many entrepreneurs before me had infused my life with hope and inspiration.

So, what does this have to do with you? Potentially nothing. Or, perhaps, you’re a wantrepreneur waiting for your chance to launch into double-lane highway of entrepreneurship. You know deep inside of you there is a passion for a specific service, topic, or business and one day you will follow it. To that I say, you will and you must.

Too many times I hear well-meaning entrepreneurs tell people to simply jump and the net will appear or that the universe will provide somehow. What I have found is that the “universe” or “God” or whatever you want to call it isn’t really waiting for us to jump. Something gave you this passion you have, something birthed a tension between your location and your destination and when you are ready, and the time is mostly right you will begin your journey.

Behind you will be millions of wantrepreneurs watching you leave the parking lot for the last time. A few of them jealous, a few of them scared, and a few of them inspired. Soon as your journey progresses you will see more taillights ahead, rest areas where cars have pulled over for other great opportunities, and in some sad cases, cars broken down.

What you don’t know is that miles behind you on that very same road is someone just leaving the parking lot. Just paying their tolls and just beginning to learn the lesson that you have learned by pursuing your passion.

There is an everlasting hope found in being a dreamer and, by pursuing what you imagined your taillights provide guidance and direction for those behind you, beside you, and those soon to pass you.


Whose taillights are you following?

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